Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Science And Technology

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Advanced Pharmaceutical Science And Technology-Nanomedicine-Rajiv Kumar

united states

Northeastern University & DFCI Harvard Medical School.

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Rajiv Kumar


110 Forsyth St 111 Dana,
Northeastern University,
Boston MA 02115, United States.

Research Interests:

Nanomedicine, Cancer Nanotechnology, Nanotoxicology. 



  1. Smart Radiotherapy Biomaterials.
  2. Dose enhancement and cytotoxicity of gold nanoparticles in colon cancer cells when irradiated with kilo-and mega- voltage radiation.
  3. Nanoparticle Mediated Tumor Vascular Disruption: A Novel Strategy in Radiation Therapy.
  4. Roadmap to clinical use of gold nanoparticles for radiosensitization.
  5. Chronic constriction injury-induced nociception is relieved by nanomedicine-mediated decrease of rat hippocampal tumor necrosis factor.
  6. Ormosil nanoparticles as a sustained-release drug delivery vehicle.
  7. Facile Synthesis of PEGylated PLGA Nanoparticles Encapsulating Doxorubicin and its In Vitro Evaluation as Potent Drug Delivery Vehicle.
  8. Bioconjugation of luminescent silicon quantum dots to gadolinium ions for bioimaging applications.
  9. In Vitro Evaluation of Theranostic Polymeric Micelles for Imaging and Drug Delivery in Cancer.
  10. Bioconjugated Pluronic Triblock-Copolymer Micelle-Encapsulated Quantum Dots for Targeted Imaging of Cancer: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies.