Journal of Advances in Nanotechnology

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Advances in Nanotechnology -Luminescence materials-R Vijayakumar


M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.

+91 9524171635

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R Vijayakumar


Kamanur, Chennamanayakanpatti (PO),
Thadicombu Road, 
Dindigul (Dt)-624004, 
Tamil Nadu, India.

Research Interests:

  • Luminescence materials 
  • Molecular spectroscopy


  1. Received Best Paper Award in59th DAE Solid State Physics Symposium (DAE-SSPS 2014), organized by Baba Atomic Research Centre (Mumbai) and held at VIT University, Tamil Nadu during 16th - 20th December 2014. 
  2. Received Reviewer Certificate for the contribution towards the review process of manuscripts for 60th DAE-Solid State Physics Symposium (DAE-SSPS 2015), organized by Baba Atomic Research Centre (Mumbai), held at Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh during 21st-25th December 2015.
  3. Received Best Paper Award in International Conference on Science, Technology and Applications of Rare Earths (ICSTAR-2015), organized by Rare Earth Association of India (REAI) and held at Thiruvanandapuram during 23rd- 25thApril 2015.
  4. Ph.D thesis work is entitled as Structural and Luminescence Studies of Eu3+, Dy3+ and Sm3+ Ions in Boro-Phosphate Glasses for Photonic Applications”.
  5. Worked in a project entitled Structural, Optical And Upconversion Luminescence Energy        Transfer Studies On Er3+:Yb3+ Co-Doped Boro-Tellurite Glasses during my M.Phil.
  6. Worked in a Project entitled “Study on Performance of Solar Photo Voltoic Panel using Reflectors as Boosters ” during my M.Sc.,



1. Silver (Ag) nanoparticles enhanced luminescence properties of Dy3+ ions in borotellurite glasses for white light applications
R.Vijayakumar*, R.Nagaraj, P.Suthanthirakumar, P.Karthikeyan, K.Marimuthu
Spectrochimica Acta Part A, Volume 204, 5 November 2018, Pages 537-547 IF: 2.88
2. Novel high color purity and thermally stable Eu3+ ions activated Ba2Gd5B5O17 red emitting phosphor for near-UV based WLEDs
R. Vijayakumar, Balaji Devakumar, G. Annadurai, Heng Guo, Xiaoyong Huang
Optical Materials, Volume 84, October 2018, Pages 312-317
IF: 2.32
3. Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of novel yellow-emitting
Ba2Gd5-xDyxB5O17 phosphors 
R. Vijayakumar, Xiaoyong Huang
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, DOI:10.1007/ s10854-018-9640-9IF: 2.324
4. Energy transfer and color-tunable luminescence properties of Dy3+ and Eu3+ co-doped Na3Sc2(PO4)3 phosphors for near-UV LED-based warm white LEDs
R. Vijayakumar, Heng Guo, Xiaoyong Huang
Dyes and Pigments, Volume 156, September 2018, Pages 8-16 IF: 3.767
5. Novel Eu3+-activated Ba2Y5B5O17 red-emitting phosphors for white LEDs: high color purity, high quantum efficiency and excellent thermal stability
G. Annadurai, Balaji Devakumar, Heng Guo, R. Vijayakumar, Bin Li, Liangling Sun, Xiaoyong Huang,Kai Wang and Xiao Wei Sun
RSC Advances, 2018, 8, 23323–23331 IF: 2.936
6. Luminescence studies on Dy3+ doped calcium boro-tellurite glasses for White light applications
P Karthikeyan, R Vijayakumar, K Marimuthu
Physica B, 521 (2017) 347-354.
Citation: 5 IF: 1.453
7. Spectroscopic properties of Sm3+ doped Alkaliborate glasses for photonic applications
R.Nagaraj,R.Vijayakumar, K. Marimuthu
Spectrochimica Acta Part A, Volume 185, 5 October 2017, Pages 139-148 Citation: 11 IF: 2.88
8. Luminescence studies on Ag nanoparticles embedded Eu3+doped Boro-phosphate glasses R.Vijayakumar, K.Marimuthu  Journal of Alloys and Compounds,665 (2016) 294–303.Citation: 23 IF: 3.779
9. White light stimulation and luminescence studies on Dy3+ doped zinc boro-phosphate glasses
R.Vijayakumar, K. Maheshvaran, V. Sudharsan, K.Marimuthu
Physica B,457 (2015) 287–295. Citation: 21 IF: 1.453
10. Concentration dependent Spectroscopic properties of Sm3+ doped borophosphate glasses R.Vijayakumar, K. Marimuthu Journal of Molecular Structure, 1092(2015) 166–175. Citation: 14 IF: 2.011