International Journal of Health Statistics

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International Journal of Health Statistics-volunteer work-Nunzia Nappo


University of Naples Federico II

0039 081 2538223

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Nunzia Nappo


Via Rodinò 22 - 80134 Naples.

Research Interests:

volunteer work, social capital, health economics, relational goods and happiness, labor economics, job satisfaction.


Current job position 05/2008 - Today          

  • Confirmed Researcher in Political Economy (SECS-P / 01). 
  • Currently a member of the Teachings of International Economics and International Economic Integration at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Naples "Federico II"    
  • Scientific committees and offices in research institutions
  • External Affiliate of HEDG - Health Economics and Data Group - Department of Economics and Related Studies University of York Coordinator of the Scientific Council of the Alts (Breast Cancer Fighting Association)  


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