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About The Journal

Journal of Enzymes (JEN) is an international open access, peer-reviewed Journal and it publishes articles in the form of research, reviews, short communications, case reports, letters to the editor, Editorials, clinical case images, opinions, mini-reviews, conference proceeding articles with the related topics of Enzymes

Submission Process:

All submissions can be done at our Online Manuscript Submission System. Authors are requested to submit their articles directly to Online Manuscript Submission. If you have difficulty in filling the online form, you can also send us via e-mail as an attachment to the Editorial Office [email protected] or “chat with us” by clicking the blue button at the left corner of the page.

Scope of JEN:

Chemical reactions of enzymes, Clinical Enzymology, Combinatorial enzyme engineering, Computation Protein Design, Computational Enzymology, Covalent Binding, Cross Linking, De novo design, Enzyme and biosensor Engineering, etc.

Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope 

Instructions to Prepare your article:

Manuscript template: Title, List of authors, their affiliations and email addresses, Abstract, Introduction, Main body, Results and discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments (optional), References.

Formatting guidelines can be found at Instructions for Authors

Article Processing Charge:

JEN is a self-supporting journal and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the journal is supported by the processing fees received from authors. Processing fees are required to meet operational expenses. 

Brief Details of our Service

  • Articles Approved - It is based on the quality of the article, it will be checked by plagiarism test. 
  • QC System - We maintain 100% as we are doing a single blind peer review process with eminent reviewers and editors.
  • Assurance - Your article will be deposited in Sherpa Romeo so no need to worry about it.
  • Reputation - Most of the published authors are interested in submitting their articles again in our 198 journals.
  • Processing - It will be done within 14 days from the submission date.
  • Publication - Article will be published within 36 hours from the acceptance date with proofreads.
  • Professional Author service - Dedicated personal assistance to authors and readers 24X7.
  • OpenAccess - All the published articles are freely available to all interested online readers.

Published Articles at JEN:

  • Research Article: Using A “Superrooting”Cultivar of Taxus Chinensis Var. Mairei to Unravel Antioxidative Enzymes’ and Micrornas’ Role on Adventitious Rooting by Wei Tang, Yongjun Fei
  • Research Article: Trichoderma reesei (Hypocrea jecorina) Bgl1 is a Novel, Exo-Acting Glucanase and Xylanase by Phillip Brumm, Dan Xie, Larry Allen, David A. Mead
  • Editorial : Journal of Enzymes for a New Applicable Knowledge by Loredana Marcolongo
  • Editorial: Enzymology in its Second Century by Phillip Brumm
  • Research Article: Hydrolysis of Cellulose by Soluble Clostridium Thermocellum and Acidothermus Cellulolyticus Cellulases by Phillip Brumm, Dan Xie, Larry Allen, David A. Mead
  • Review Article: Chitin and Chitinases: Biomedical And Environmental Applications of Chitin and its Derivatives by Palanivel Rameshthangam, Dhanasekaran Solairaj, Gnanapragasam Arunachalam, Palaniappan Ramasamy

Editorial Board Members:


1. We had interesting experience of publishing a manuscript titled "Chitin and Chitinases: Biomedical and environmental applications of chitin and its derivatives" . Reg. JEN -18-2043. We found submission of our manuscript to JEN online was much easier and simpler. Soon after submission, an editor was assigned who in turn assigned the ms to a number of potential reviewers (more than 20 reviewers), only a few reviewers responded on time to the assignment and only those responded reviewers were referred to and subsequently, they have reviewed the ms critically. and the revised ms containing the answers to the reviewer's queries were considered and finally the editor-board accepted the ms, galley proof was provided and these experiences were sweet and short and the whole process of working with JEN and publishing quality articles is similar or even better than to some of the top-rated journals we have experienced. The follow-up and service qualities from the office of JEN-editor was excellent and it is our pleasure to work with the new upcoming online journal. We recommend to potential authors to publish their articles in JEN. The manuscript section provides all details needed for the authors viz.cover letter approval, complete history, editor, the response from the editor, notification to the editor/ publisher, reviewers, and their report, submission checklists, upload files, the instruction to authors, reviewers etc, The web page is unique and useful.

Palaniappan Ramasamy  Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research

2. I can not say enough about how good my experience working with OAP was. Submission is easy, and responses from the editorial staff responds promptly and professionally. The entire process from submission to PDF was completed in weeks rather than months.

Phillip Brumm  University of Wisconsin-Madison

3. My experience with JEN is that JEN is a good scientific journal in the field of life science. The process of peer review that confirms the validity of science reported in the journal is high standard. Editors treat peer review as an integral part of scientific publishing. The qualities of manuscript processing are professional. I will be very glad to recommend the joirnal to other potential authors.

Wei Tang  Yangtze University