Journal of Weather Changes

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Weather Changes-Atmospheric Dynamics-Niranjan Kumar Kondapalli


The University of Tokyo | Todai · Center for Climate System Research.

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Niranjan Kumar Kondapalli


Atmosphere and Ocean Reseach Institute (AORI) The University of Tokyo,


Research Interests:

  • Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Climate Extremes
  • Tropical cyclones
  • Weather 
  • Climate modelling.


  • Niranjan Kumar Kondapalli currently works at the Center for Climate System Research, The University of Tokyo. 
  • Niranjan does research in Climatology. 
  • Their current project is 'Advanced Study on Precipitation Enhancement in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions.' He worked previously in a project "CLIMATE, WATER, HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT IN ARID REGIONS".


  • On the epochal variation of intensity of tropical cyclones in the Arabian Sea.
  • A case study of convectively generated gravity waves coupling of the lower atmosphere and mesosphere-lower thermosphere (MLT) over the tropical region: An observational evidence.
  • Unusual enhancement in tropospheric and surface ozone due to orography induced gravity waves.
  • North Atlantic controls on wintertime warm extremes and aridification trends in the Middle East.
  • Identification of the cloud base height over the central Himalayan region: Intercomparison of Ceilometer and Doppler Lidar.
  • Modulation of surface meteorological parameters by extratropical planetary-scale Rossby waves.
  • Wintertime precipitation variability over the Arabian Peninsula and its relationship with ENSO in the CAM4 simulations.
  • Wave like signatures in aerosol optical depth and associated radiative impacts over the central Himslayan region.
  • Investigation of aerosol optical, physical, and radiative characteristics of a severe dust storm observed over UAE.
  • Hydrological extremes in hyper-arid regions: A diagnostic characterization of intense precipitation over the Central Arabian Peninsula.
  • Low-mid latitude D-region ionospheric perturbations associated with 22 July 2009 Total Solar Eclipse: Wave-like signatures inferred from VLF observations.
  • Precipitation variability over UAE and Global SST Teleconnections.