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Page Numbers  1-7

Domestic Pigeons As A Potential Hazzard For Transmission Of Some Human Protozoan Parasites

M.A. Khalifa Refaat  1 A.E. Hassan Abdallah  1 I. Arafa Mohsen  2 E. M. Eldeek Hanan  1 G. Mahmoud Wafaa  3


Page Numbers  8-14

Incidence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Zebu and N’dama Breeds from Cattle Ranches in Jos Plateau, Nigeria

G. Abraham Dogo  1 S. Chukwuemeka Arinze  2 David Omagbe Oshadu  1


Page Numbers  15-25

Therapeutic Evaluation of Neemazal® Against Experimental Eimeria Tenella Infection in Broiler Chickens, Jos - Nigeria

Abraham Dogo Goni  1 Bukar Markus Bi-Allah  1 Vandi Tizhe Emmanuel  2 Pisha Karaye Gloria  1 Oshadu David  1 Abdu Paul  3

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