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About The Journal

Journal of Advances in Leukemia (JAL) is an open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publishing the most advanced research in the field of leukemia. The Journal focuses on providing the highest quality of original research related to the development of new therapies and treatments for the medical conditions related to leukemia. 

The Journal focuses on providing the highest quality of original research related to the development of new therapies and treatments for the medical conditions related to leukemia. The editorial board is composed of renowned experts in the field of cancer, who are committed to providing an international platform for leukemia research.

Scope of JAL:

Cell biology, Diagnosis, Hematology, Immunology and molecular biology, Leukemia virus, Leukemic hemopoiesis, Lymphoma, Lymphoproliferative disorders, Multifocal-leukoencephalopathy, Multiple-myeloma, Myelodysplastic, etc.

Remaining Scope can be viewed at Aim and Scope  

Advantages of publishing through us:

JAL offers open access publishing, provides authors with quick publication times and fast, efficient communication of their articles. Authors also benefit from the international reach of the journal and the fact that articles are made available 24/7 online, giving them increased visibility. Moreover, JAL takes a unique approach to plagiarism detection and encourages the use of multiple disciplines in the article submission.

The journal's commitment to disseminating the highest quality research, its openness to interdisciplinary approaches, and its availability to authors worldwide make it an ideal venue for publishing high-impact research.

Instructions for authors:

The authors should submit original articles, book reviews, and short reports, which must not have been published in any form either electronically or in print. All manuscripts are subject to a rigorous peer-review process. Manuscripts should conform to the Journal of Advances in Leukemia Author Guidelines. The authors should pay special attention to the accuracy of the references and the images and tables included in the paper. 

Editorial Board:

The Editorial Board of JAL, which consists of renowned clinical and research experts in the field of leukemia, is responsible for setting the high standards of the journal by selecting the most relevant and fascinating topics that are published in the journal. 

Article Processing Charges:

JAL provides fair and transparent article processing charges (APC). This helps in reducing publishing costs and, at the same time, encourages quality research. It is focusing on providing a quality platform for researchers to publish their work.

Article submission procedure:

JAL encourages authors to submit articles in the form of original research papers, review articles, case reports, editorials and commentaries. All articles should meet the journal’s standards of quality and accuracy and be accompanied by a full reference list. Authors have an option to submit their manuscripts online and the editorial office performs a rigorous review process before publication. 


1. I like your promptness and your way of collaborating with the authors. I am proud and believe me to recommend someone to publish his article at your journal. I felt proud of your journal and the comments I received from reviewers and even from the editor. it's even why I asked if I can still publish my second article at the same journal. Thank you once more.

Katshiete Mbuisi Eale Brigitte - Örebro University

2. The pleasant experience of collaborating with your journal is unforgettable. The sincere and respectful communication of the editor delighted me with the valuable comments of my dear reviewers. This magazine embraces scientific perspectives without bias against religions that is very respectful. The process of reviewing articles is fast. Working with this magazine was proud. I hope that this cooperation will continue. I would advise you to work with the journal, it will be pleasant.

Minoo Asadzandi - Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences

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