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International Journal of Coronaviruses

International Journal of Coronaviruses

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International Journal of Coronavirus (IJCV) is one of the online publication platform launched to promote advanced research on the coronavirus and its variants including the SARS-CoV-2 which is the main virus for the cause of global pandemic in 2019-2020.

Through careful evaluation and insightful analysis of the advanced research on COVID-19 with our editors and reviewers, the articles will be published in open access mode to reach the global audience.

Importance of Research On Coronaviruses

Continuous coronavirus research is happening/ or has to happen in the global world to understand COVID-19, and upcoming coronavirus variants, to develop treatment methods, develop new vaccines, reduce community spread of the virus, reduce and prevent infections, reduce the impact on humans and animal health system, to generate awareness in public, to understand the new mutations and variants, and finally to prepare the entire society for unexpected future pandemics by COVID-19 and Coronaviruses.

In simple terms, continuing research on COVID-19, will not only help you understand the current situation but also help everyone to overcome any unexpected situation if it arises by the new variant and to minimize the financial crises and death rate.

Mission of International Journal of Coronaviruses (IJCV)

The main mission of launching the journal on the COVID-19 virus is to provide an online platform for researchers, healthcare professionals, and the general public to create some awareness of the COVID-19 causes and its consequences. We aim to disseminate high-quality evidence-based research.

Vision of International Journal of Coronaviruses (IJCV)

The main vision of launching the journal on COVID-19 is to create a trusted source of evidence-based scientific knowledge about coronavirus and its effects. It will also act as a source of sharing the critical decisions and various strategies for overcoming this unexpected pandemic.

This journal will also showcase the research investigator's deep understanding of the viruses, ways of transmission, diagnostics, treatment methodologies, and preventive steps.

Aim of the International Journal of Coronaviruses (IJCV)

COVID-19 is spreading widely in various variants, and the research on finding the respective virus is continuously going and advancing with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

To keep up-to-date information about the recent advancements and developments of COVID-19 variants and their vaccines in an online platform, our journal is launched. We search for high-quality research articles throughout the world from high-end researchers, principal investigators, and medical practitioners for publishing after the completion of the peer review process.

“The main goal is to gather valid research for publishing in our journal to maintain a strong database on Coronaviruses, COVID-19, and its variants to have easy access to the global audience.”

Scope of International Journal of Coronaviruses (IJCV)

This journal searches for ongoing research in the world, not only covering the major topics concerning COVID-19 and coronaviruses but also its sub-topics which are outlined below.

The scope is not limited to these topics, researchers can forward any interesting article on this COVID-19 virus.

Editorial Board of International Journal of Coronaviruses (IJCV)

Rabiul Ahasan, the professor of King Saud University is the current Editor-in-Chief, will monitor the submitted manuscripts in the preliminary check for the genuinity of the work.

Later with the assistance and suggestions of Associate Editors (selected for their expertise in specific disciplines) thorough review process will be initiated following publication ethics defined by COPE.

Surrender Process

The International Journal of Coronaviruses submission procedure is simple and can be completed in three ways.

  1. Submission through a manuscript submission form.
  2. Sharing the concerned manuscript with a cover letter through email.
  3. Registering as an author in the portal and uploading the respective files.

You can contact us for any queries.

Peer Review

International Journal of Coronaviruses with the help of editorial board members and two external reviewers follows a strict peer review process for deciding upon the manuscript.

The peer review process includes the following steps:
Submitted manuscript → Plagiarism check → preliminary screening of manuscript by editor → Review by external reviewers → initial decision by editor → Author Revisions → Final decision by editor → Production → proofreading → final version 
Processing Charges

Processing and indexing the article promptly will require some manpower, technical knowledge, and databases and everything will incur some charges. This will be collected from the author in the form of processing charges and membership plans.

Every month IJCV will provide special waivers on the processing charges within the specified timeline. 

Articles on coronaviruses are safely packed in the regular issue of the journal archives with a valid DOI link and Creative Commons license.

Once the article is published online in the journal, we will collect author feedback about our services in the form of testimonials.

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