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Membership Benefits for Coronavirus Researchers

International Journal of Coronaviruses (IJCV) is a leading scientific platform that publishes articles in open-access mode, instead of subscription or hybrid mode. The main vision of choosing the open-access publishing mode is to make high-quality research findings available to the scientific community without restrictions. Apart from this our single blind review process, support from editorial board members, amicable processing charges, contributions from worldwide researchers, and indexing in leading virology databases make the journal one of the leading journals in this coronavirus research.

IJCV maintains a simple submission platform, where the researchers can share their articles on coronavirus or COVID-19 in a single click.

Why Membership is Introduced for Coronavirus Researchers

This International Coronavirus Journal strives to lower the publication fees to make outstanding research accessible to all, considering the author's efforts in writing the article to broaden the boundaries of human knowledge.

In this era, we launched a new initiative, i.e. Membership Plans, supporting our journal mission and researchers who published frequently or worked on numerous papers. If researchers take advantage of being members, they can publish large volumes of research findings without significant financial burden.

Membership Plans for Coronavirus Researchers

We are dedicated to building a network of scientists who consistently conduct research that will transform the world. To promote open access in scholarly publishing, we offer five unique membership options.

  • Student Membership
  • Annual Membership
  • Individual Membership
  • Institutional Membership
  • Corporate Membership.

These memberships are designed for all scholars, researchers, and research centers involved in coronavirus and virology research.

Membership plan details with subscription period.

Membership Type

Articles Count

1 Year(USD)

3 Years(USD)

5 Years(USD)

Student Membership Unlimited articles in any virology journals $3000 $4540 $5400
Annual Membership One article in a year $1800 - -


Unlimited articles in any virology journals





Unlimited articles in any virology journals




Scientific Societies/Industries

Unlimited articles in any virology journals




Student Membership
  • Students involved in research and development are only eligible to apply for this membership.
  • While applying, students should submit a letter from the university/research director/head of department stating the same.
  • Subscriber should be the author or coauthor of the submitted manuscript.
Annual Membership

This membership is similar to Article Processing Charges (APC), but the payable amount is small and validity is one year per manuscript. This plan is introduced especially for the researchers who need more funding and low-income countries.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is available for post-doctoral fellows, research scholars, assistant/associate professors, professors, and other categories of people in academics and research.

Institutional Membership

Institute and University membership is available for all the worldwide universities and research institutes. By supporting researchers at your institution with an "International Journal of Coronaviruses" open access (OA) journal membership, you can encourage the publication of OA research across various fields of study. Open access enables research publications to reach a wider audience and have a greater impact, furthering the objectives of your organization.

Registration can be done in the name of the institution.

Scientific Societies/Industries Membership
This membership is available to Scientific Societies and Industries across the world. Registration can be done in the name of the Scientific Society or Industries. Registration can be done in the name of the society or industry.


Article Processing Vs Membership Plan

Researchers might find it challenging to choose the best plan that meets their needs for publishing their article at an affordable processing charge while being part of this prestigious journal.



Student Membership

Annual Membership

Individual Membership

Institutional Membership Scientific Societies/Industries Membership
Price $2200 $3000-5400 $1800 $5100-7999 $7200-9000 $8199-10999
Publish articles Single article Unlimited articles Single article in a year Unlimited articles Unlimited articles Unlimited articles


Till article published

Selected Subscription period

Per year 

Selected Subscription Period

Selected Subscription Period Selected Subscription Period



Only Students



Universities & Research Institutes Virology Societies, Industry associations, and Healthcare organizations

Membership Certificate





Yes Yes
Advertise Events No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discount for Special Issues No 30% Waiver Paid 30% Waiver 30% Waiver 30% Waiver


How can I become a member of the journal?

Researchers can become journal members by emailing the plan type and subscription period to [email protected]. Accordingly an invoice will be sent.

What do the Article Processing Charges (APC) cover?

Article processing charges cover the cost of peer review, editing, publishing, and indexing the article in various databases, and it is ideal for authors who publish occasionally.

To whom does the membership plan work well?

For researchers who publish frequently, opting for membership is a good option. Students, Institutes, Research Organizations, Corporate societies, and Industries can use our amicable membership plans.

If you have any questions related to the Membership Plans or Article Processing Charges (APC), contact us at [email protected]

Last updated on May 24, 2024.

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