Journal of Verbal Behavior

Journal of Verbal Behavior

The Journal of Verbal Behavior (JVB) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that is dedicated to publishing empirically and methodologically sound research in many facets of verbal behavior. This includes topics such as language development, communication development, mediation, verbal behavior in clinical populations, verbal behavior analysis, applied behavior analysis, and language instruction. JVB provides an excellent platform for leading-edge research and discourse in the field of verbal behavior.  

Note: An Article Processing Charge (APC) is levied to authors to make a research work available open access in Journal of Verbal Behavior.

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Journal of Verbal Behavior is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed journal that helps disseminate original research work, having a unique aspect of covering many areas which contributes to providing an awareness of research studies of scientists around the globe.

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The "Journal of Verbal Behavior" is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication dedicated to advancing the understanding and research in the field of verbal behavior. As a leading authority in behavioral analysis and language studies, the journal covers a wide range of topics related to verbal behavior, offering valuable insights into language acquisition, communication disorders, and behavioral interventions.


Visit the journal's official website and access the user-friendly online submission portal. Ensure your manuscript adheres to the journal's specific formatting guidelines, including font, spacing, and referencing style.

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The peer review process at the "Journal of Verbal Behavior" is a critical and meticulous evaluation conducted by experts in the field. This process ensures the publication of high-quality, impactful research in the realm of Verbal Behavior.

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The "Journal of Verbal Behavior" is a distinguished, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of verbal behavior. With a commitment to excellence, the journal serves as a premier platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to share innovative insights and research findings. The aims and scope of the journal encompass a broad spectrum of topics within the realm of verbal behavior research.

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The "Journal of Verbal Behavior" is guided by a distinguished editorial board composed of accomplished scholars, researchers, and experts in the field of verbal behavior. The board plays a pivotal role in maintaining the high academic standards, integrity, and scholarly rigor of the journal.

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Consider "Journal of Verbal Behavior" for the submission of your manuscript. To ensure a smooth and effective submission process, please adhere to the following instructions.

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Verbal Behavior-Psycholinguistics-Eva Stranovska

Eva Stranovska

Department of German Studies Faculty of Arts, Constantine the Philosopher Unive...

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Verbal Behavior-Major Area: Health Sciences / Area:
Medicina / Subarea: ONCOLOGIA.
-Hezio Jadir Fernandes Junior

Hezio Jadir Fernandes Junior


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Verbal Behavior-Bioengineering/ Biomedical engineering-Hashem Zamanian

Hashem Zamanian

316 Hallowell Building,  Pennsylvania State University, PA.

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