Journal of Thyroid Cancer

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Page Numbers  1-4

In The Pursuit of The Perfect Thyroid Care

Kumar Sahoo Manas  1 Barron Nahim  2


Page Numbers  5-15

Secular Trend in the Incidence of Japanese Employees with Thyroid Cancer Undergoing Thyroidectomy from 2005 to 2014: a Retrospective Descriptive Study Using an Employment-Based Insurance Claims Database

Noguchi Yasushi  1 Urushihara Hisashi  2 Sakata Yukinori  3 Nagamune Hitomi  3 Daidoji Kasumi  3 Ishii Mika  3 Geary Stewart  3


Page Numbers  16-20

Image Guided Ablations for Thyroid Tumours

Nicosia Luca  1 Ferrari Federica  2 Mauri Giovanni  3 Orsi Franco  3

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